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Freelanced Narrow Gauge Models in Hon3 and HOn30


As an experiment I designed a rectangular layout around Meadows Creek and a small port scene. I was looking at some more traditional loop designs in trackplanning books and on the Internet. I assume that especially the benchwork for this layout would be fast to build. As trackage is minimal one would get to the point of building scenery etc. very fast, definitely a bonus.

Rectangular Shape

Layout Data
Size:2.25m x 1.3m
( 7'5" x 4'4" )
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The trackage for the port on the lower half was inspired by Iain Rice's Liliput Logger from Model Railroader xx.xxxx.
It is interesting to see how much space rectangular layouts need. This one was placed to allow access from three sides, access from the forth side would increas the space requirements even more.

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