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Freelanced Narrow Gauge Models in Hon3 and HOn30

Some Interesting Projects

The following pages describe some of my projects, that I considered to be of general interest. You'll find

Hopper Car Building an HOn30 Hopper Car based on a proposed car for Yosemite Shortline RR.
Diesels Descriptions of my fleet of scratchbuilt narrow gauge ( HOn30 and HOn3 ) diesels.
DS&W #100 Construction details on my DS&W #100 Boxcab oil electric engine.
Stub Turnout Instructions to build a stub turnout in HOn3, probably adaptable to other scales.
Narrowing Tichy Ore Cars to HOn3 shows you a fast and easy conversion to help you get a fleet of ore cars for your pike.
NEW! Scratchbuilt windows shows how I build my own windows from styrene strips when I can't find commercial castings.

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