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Freelanced Narrow Gauge Models in Hon3 and HOn30

Narrow Gauge in Small Spaces


The following pages describe some of my layout ideas, either my own creations or plans published elsewhere that I modified for narrow gauge.

Basically you'll find two groups of plans here. First are several small layouts for people with little space. The second category are mid-size plans I started to make when more room for layout building became available to me.

In case you're interested in one of the plans, you have two options. For viewing etc. PDF versions of most plans are available. This will allow you to examine the plans closer or print them true to scale. Of course, you'll need Acrobat Reader Links to a different Web site. to do so.
As an alternative I also made the original XTrackCAD files available. So if you want to take a closer look, modify or maybe even use a plan, you can download it. You will need XTrackCAD Links to a different Web site. which is available for free from Sillub's website Links to a different Web site. for Windows and LINUX.

Small Layouts

My First DS&W shows the plan for my first layout based on the fictional DS&W.
Scale: HOn3 Size: 2.50m x 0.6m
Kitsault Mining is a design for a dual gauge layout.
Scale: HOn3 / HOn30 Size: 1.2m x 0.5m ( 4' x 1'8" )
Leintwardine shows a small, but operationally interesting layout.
Scale: HOn30 Size: 2m x 0.35m ( 6'7" x 1'2" )
Diamond Springs a bigger yard in a small space.
Scale: HOn30 Size: 2m x 0.35m ( 6'7" x 1'2" )
Silverdale is a small mining town with a few online customers.
Scale: HOn3 Size: 2m x 0.4m ( 6'7" x 1'4" )
The Switchback would be an interesting experiment in scenery building on a diorama sized layout.
Scale: HOn30 Size: 1.2m x 0.5m ( 4' x 20" )
Jacksonville offers the opportunity to model an ore dock for loading barges and a small passenger depot.
Scale: HOn3 Size: 2m x 0.35m ( 6'7" x 14" )
North Portage is a small plan for a beginner's layout or a diorama, based on the Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway.
Scale: HOn3 Size: 1.2m x 0.25m ( 4' x 10" )
Port Angustias was carefully finetuned to get a maximum of operational interest from minimum space.
Scale: HOn3 Size: 1.6m x 0.35m ( 5'4" x 14" )
Lakefield & Northern is a contributed plan by Ivan Furlanis showing a point-to-point layout in a small space.
Scale: HOn30 Size: 1.5m x 0.6m ( 5' x 2' )

Midsize Plans

After a move to a bigger place I have much more space for a layout. Of course, planning was begun immediately. As I had already started Meadows Creek, incorporating it was a must for the new layout. Also, as space is not the only limiting factor, I won't be planning a basement empire, but will be striving for a nice mid-sized layout.
Several variants are going to be put up here. Some of the plans will only be sketchy, usually beacause I found that the specific variant didn't actually fit to my ideas.

Rectangular Shape One option would be to build a layout based on a more classical and a continuous loop.
Scale: HOn3 Size: 2.25m x 1.3m
U Shaped Plan tries to fit a U shaped plan in the same space that would be needed for the above plan.
Scale: HOn3 Size: 2.75m x 1.6m
Peninsular Shape shows a plan that is a bit larger and features a wharf scene in the middle of the room.
Scale: HOn3 Size: 2.75m x 2.7m
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