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Lakefield & Northern

This plan is a contribution by Ivan Furlanis Allows you to write an email. . Here is his description:

Lakefield & Northern Plan

Layout Data
Size:1.5m x 0.6m
( 5' x 2' )
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So, I attached the 150 x 60 cm track plan; this time the railroad is presented in "American" version: Seefeld is now Lakefield, and Hoehenberg is High Mountain. I used eight turnouts like the smaller plan, but there are some little difference. See how the backdrop doesn't divide the two towns, as they are in two different levels. In High Mountain there is now room for a coal shed, and a little repair shop for the mining railroad. The engine terminal is upgraded with an engine supply shed, placed in front a new track coming off the turntable. Between the two stations, I eliminated the log loading siding, as the engine cannot leave cars on the main while it switches the siding because the steep grade (8%, the maximum grade that you can find in a natural adhesion railroad). In return, now in Lakefield there is the possibility to model a little sawmill to convert logs into timber used by inhabitants of the area, as well by the mine in High Mountain. Obviously, most of the logs go in lumbermills placed out the layout. I think that this railroad can be set very well in Adirondack Mountains, as it's a region full of lakes and woods. Only the mine is not so realistic: a little modeller license...

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