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Freelanced Narrow Gauge Models in Hon3 and HOn30


This is one of my later designs coming close to the givens for my own layout. As on my wishlist it has a small town, a mill and a dock scene.

Jacksonville Plan

Layout Data
Size:2m x 0.35m
( 6'7" x 14" )
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As a change, this plan includes a ore dock similar to the one the Dolly Varden Railway used, where the raw ore is transferred from cars to barges for transportation of the precious material to a mill. Also this plan includes a small passenger depot( the L shaped building to the left ) and a small street scene.
Some fine tuning of roadbed heights with the approach track to the ore bunker being the lowest, the yard on a mid-level and the mine siding on the highest level would make the plan more interesting.

From a prototype view, it doesn't make sense to build a deep shaft mine next to the coastline. So if you want to use this plan and build something realistic, replace the mine with something else.

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