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Freelanced Narrow Gauge Models in Hon3 and HOn30

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About me

Boarding the Silverton

My name is Martin Fischer and I live in Karlsruhe, Germany. The money for model railroading comes from a large IT Service Provider, where I get paid for implementing new technology.
I have been model railroading for a long time, following German prototypes in standard and narrow gauge until I discovered my first Narrow Gauge And Shortline Gazette and American narrow gauge in 1989.

This site

I'm a firm believer that websites should make best use of HTML without limiting access for some browsers. So the HTML was validated and thoroughly tested with several browsers: Netscape 4.01 and 4.78, Internet Explorer 5 and 6, Mozilla 1.1, Konqueror 2.2 and lynx. It works and is usable with all of them. Optimum results are achieved with a recent browser (Mozilla or current Internet Explorer).


My favorite operating system is LINUX. This site was almost completely done with freely available software for this system.

  • Of course, The Gimp Links to a different Web site. was used to create all the graphics used here. Especially the scripting feature was helpful in avoiding repetitive tasks.
  • WPP The Web Preprocessor Links to a different Web site. is used to give all the pages a consistent look and reduce the time needed to replicate design changes to all individual files.
  • The process of creating the photo galleries was significantly eased by using album Links to a different Web site. .

Track plans

  • All, except for one older plan, were created using XTrkCAD Links to a different Web site. , a nice trackplanning package available for LINUX as well as Windows.

HTML and related information

There were several sites I found really useful during the design of this site.

  • The Caching Tutorial Links to a different Web site. explains how caching works on the Web and helped me solve a problem with my script.
  • The Yale CAIM Style Guide Links to a different Web site. taught me a lot about web design. I tried to follow many, but not all, of the ideas presented there and I hope, I didn't make too many mistakes ;-).
  • This great collection of articles and links regarding WWW and HTML authoring Links to a different Web site. helped me a lot with my own efforts.
  • The excellent pixel font Silkscreen used in some places can be downloaded from the designer Jason Kottke's website Links to a different Web site. .
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