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Freelanced Narrow Gauge Models in Hon3 and HOn30

Benchwork for Meadows Creek

Overall view of benchwork As I'm considering to take this layout to exhibitions I tried to built the benchwork as light as possible.

Step 1: L-Beams

First step of benchwork
As a first step I created two L-beams from 6mm/1/4" plywood. The strips were glued and nailed together. For enforcement short pieces of 12mm/1/2" stripwood were nailed and glued to the inside.
Notice that only one of these pieces is shown in the drawing.

Step 2: Cross members

Second step of benchwork
In the second step, the cross members were added. The cross members were made from the same plywood as the L-beams. Large round holes were cut for the wiring. Similar to the basic L-beam assembly, these cross members were glued and nailed in place spaced circa one foot apart. Also reenforcement pieces were added.

Step 3: Sub-roadbed

Third step of benchwork
Finally, the sub-roadbed was glued on top of those cross members and reenforced as well.
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